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It is March, and I am seeing some birds that I do not normally see.

The bird above is a Cedar Waxwing.  They stick together in flocks; I see at least a dozen when they settle somewhere. I have only seen them one other time, in February 2005, and they only stayed for a few days, to strip the berries off this same tree.  Note the bright yellow streak in the tail, and the red on the wings. 

This is a Junco. I do not usually see them around here, so this one might be migrating. It was nibbling on thistle seed that the goldfinches scattered from one of the hanging feeders. 

These two pictures are of a Carolina Chickadee looking for a seed to take back to a nearby tree. It will hammer it open with its beak and pry out the meat. In the second picture, it has found a seed that it likes. The chickadee is a year-round resident here.
Here is another bird that is probably just passing through. It appears to be a thrush of some sort - maybe a Gray-Cheeked Thrush. While it was not active, it was not shy. It sat still for several minutes, and even appeared to yawn once, while I was taking its photograph.

The bird above is a female Downy Woodpecker. The male would have a red patch on the back of his head. This picture was taken just after the new year. Since I have put a suet package on the feeder, I have had visits from a male and a female. This picture was taken in January. The picture may be a little hazy, as this window pane has lost its seal and is somewhat foggy.

This is one of the goldfinches nibbling the thistle seed at the feeder.

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